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P80 Monoblock Control Valve

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P80 Monoblock Control Valve Directional Control Valve Hydraulics Valve

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Manually or mechanically controlled hydraulic directional control valve 80 is designed for distribution and control of work flow between generator (pump) and executive mechanisms (cylinder, hydro-motor, etc.). It is manufactured with 1 to 6 plungers, with parallel or serial action, with common or individual back valve for each plunger, with or without safety valve.

40 is a mono-block distributor. Its body is made of cast iron EN-GJL300. Plungers are made of carburized steel with hard chrome plating.

The distributor is fixed with two bolts M8

Technical Specification 

Ambient temperature -40C...+60C
Viscosity 12 ...800 mm2/s
Fluid temperature -15C...+80C
Filtration 10 to NAS 1638
Max operating pressure 315 bar
Back pressure 50 bar
Nominal flow 80 l/min
Leakage(A,B-T) 15cm3/min at 120bar
Spool stroke 6 mm
Actuating force < 200 N
Modification/ Spools with 1 to 6

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